Due to economic differences between the United States and South America as a whole, the cost of offshoring software development is significantly lower than hiring full-time with U.S talent. For Senior Blockchain Developers in South America, the average salary is currently around $100,000 whereas a mid-level developer costs around $76,000. We build high-performing teams of developers for the world’s leading brands.

  • Distributed contracts can’t be violated, because if some of its terms won’t be fulfilled, affected parties will get collaterals made at the time of signature.
  • Hire dedicated IT staff/developers and affordable development services from the best IT outsourcing company Riseup Labs.
  • Get hired to one of our teams and you’ll unlock an Unleash+ membership, giving you $2,500 per year to use toward activities and gear that help you stay energized and always growing.
  • We keep track of new OS versions, third-party updates, and new releases and provide support for them.
  • You will certainly shake the ground under the feet of your competitors by making use of our blockchain development services.

Blockchain technology can be revolutionized how our increasingly digital world handles data and settles commercial transactions. Even though the original idea for blockchain technology was first proven through Bitcoin, the numerous benefits are evident which is why businesses and governments are quickly adopting the technology. Our team of experts creates blockchain-driven solutions for health data acquisition and management, systems for medical workflow management, and secure decentralized databases for storing health data. You can work with our remote blockchain developers with complete transparency in their daily work. Our developers do daily standups with your team to ensure that we are working on tasks what’s valuable to your project.

Programming Languages

Miners are nodes in public blockchain networks who get rewarded for their labor, which is commonly done through a procedure known as Proof of Work and is usually done in the form of bitcoin. Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum are constantly expanding as new blocks are added to the chain, increasing the security of the ledger immensely. The Softeq team writes all types of smart contracts, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and NEO-based.

That is why Riseup Labs provides expert blockchain and game developers for NFT game development services. Besides, we have an exclusive partnership with the game provider to create stunning NFT game projects. Our blockchain development services aim to provide efficient and secure solutions for Enterprises representing different domains.

What is Blockchain Development?

To prove students’ knowledge authenticity, universities put diplomas on decentralized networks to prevent counterfeiting. This model is very common and used by renowned distributed networks like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and others. We believe that IT is about the team, about ideas, about the talent to see the world a whole lot differently. Therefore, we offer you business opportunities where others see obstacles to bring the most courageous dreams of yours into reality. React.js is a JavaScript framework for crafting complex & advanced user interfaces within single-page web apps.

If you need more specific functionality tailored to your needs, we will consider all the aspects of the industry, conduct thorough business analysis, and build a custom-fit blockchain solution. While salaries are good to understand for hiring developers for full-time and long-term, you might just need a developer for a period of 3-6 months or 6-12 months. In these types of situations, it’s best to calculate your costs based on the hourly rates of a developer. When you trade using your traditional pen and paper, it slows down business operations. Smart contracts generate blockchain transactions in the first place which are distributed to peer nodes within the network where they are recorded. Having massive work to be done, we were trying to find a decision that could help us develop our solution.

blockchain development team

The network itself is an upgraded version of Ethereum that allows for private transactions. However, the network is governed by a single organization, which determines who is authorized to participate, implements a consensus procedure, and maintains the shared ledger. Depending on the use case, this can greatly increase participant trust and confidence.

Secret management tools

That said, we consider a set of skills and capabilities, as well as proficiency in certain technologies when hiring talents for development services. The cost of blockchain app development depends on various factors such as the complexity of application, number of stakeholders interacting with the app, industry compliances, etc. So, it is better to get an estimate while analyzing these factors. Our blockchain app developers know what it takes to power up your business in a decentralized world.

This means you can count on us to help you succeed in any project, whether it’s building a private blockchain or smart contracts. Serokell is a team with 5+ years of experience in blockchain development. We have collaborated with some of the biggest public blockchain platforms to deliver cutting-edge solutions for blockchain developers and end users.

blockchain development team

Created by the Linux Foundation, Hyperledger is a project of open-source blockchains and related tools. Toptal Hyperledger developers have experience in Hyperledger blockchain platforms like Fabric and Sawtooth, and tools such as Cello. If you’re using a private, permissioned network, this is not really a concern as they do not use cryptocurrencies like the public networks. The encryption keys will be stored in a way that is consistent with the rest of your business applications, in line with what your information security staff are comfortable with.

Blockchain Developer Job Description Template

We can assist you if you require resource augmentation for your new or prospective Blockchain development project. In that situation, we will follow some specific procedures in order to provide you with the best outcomes possible. We are proud to partner with businesses, companies, service providers, corporations, government agencies, etc.

blockchain development team

Customized public and private blockchain solutions will encourage you to offer services that go beyond your companies. All you need is to contact us, take control over user account credentials and permissions and proceed to payment management, data transfer, and risk reduction. Want some blockchain wallets tailored to your very needs and flavored with high-level stages of team development explained security, support in multiple languages, and a variety of payment gateways? You have certainly chosen the right blockchain development company. We will make sure your users perform their cryptotransactions in an easy and fast way. Besides software development, Rise Up Labs also helps businesses by offering a variety of technology solution services.

Every step of our development project is strategized with the aim to provide maximum value to the end users. We take the time to comprehensively assess your business infrastructure and pull together market research. We find opportunities and ways a blockchain solution can streamline your business operations and skyrocket your productivity. Once we understand your app development objectives and requirements, then we can engineer a design that is easy to use and performs for your business.

Do I need to test my app?

We have testing and quality assurance processes, but the way we think and use your application is different from how you will. In that case we start by creating a central database that will hold all your data; then, we put an interface to allow the mobile and web applications to send and receive it. They have a high level of recognition for their Mobile Application development services. Riseup Labs provides Resource Augmentation facilities for Mobile Application Development to achieve your app development goal.

Crypto wallet development

Finding the right opportunity to use decentralized networks is as important as understanding its pitfalls. Blockchain development isn’t a panacea from all misfortunes, so you have to know exactly when to use it. With end-to-end encryption, companies can rest assured that their data won’t get into fraudsters’ hands. Because of distributed data across a network of machines, it’s impossible for hackers to reach and modify it.

Drive growth, improve efficiency and boost performance for your financial services. With them being very self-sufficient, yet good team players, you can rely on our developers to meet your project’s requirements and deadlines on time. With an extended, dedicated team of developers, you are guaranteed to work with people with long-standing expertise and highly developed skills.

Services offered by our Blockchain Developers

Blockchain technology can help contract management and audit the origin of a product. If transparency and directness is what you value, then we are the right blockchain development company for you. As experts in blockchain programming, we understand smart contracts. Our experts will explain the complexity of smart contracts and the variables they come with, and offer the best solutions to your business. Although Bitcoin initiated the block-size debate, all blockchain applications will be affected as developers decide whether to increase block size without sacrificing speed.

Secure and fast payment system, currency exchange system, lending transactions system, including cryptocurrency transactions, with no mediator services. Riseup Labs is designing and developing its mobile applications for ATEC Australia-International Limited. We help enterprises with Blockchain development for Industrial Manufacturing. Build cost-effective peer-to-peer energy trading and decentralized networks of IoT devices.

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