Manage Assets Efficiently

Assets are objects on which work happens like stores, displays, devices, POPS marketing materials, signage and similar.

Quick Add assets

Bulk import assets with flexible options to customize asset fields.

Locate & Identify Assets

QRCode, GPS, Geo-Fence, Indoor Maps, Visual tags or Visual Recognition.

Organize Assets

Folders, categories & tags to organize assets into groups.

Share & Receive Assets

Easily share assets for collaborative working.

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Execute Campaigns Like A Pro

Campaign is where the work happens, customize it for team's and client's needs. The entire execution is managed within the campaign.

Quick Start campaigns

Campaign template to quick-start or build your own from scratch.


Set assets, timelines, objectives, and targets of the campaign.

Assign visual creative

Computer vision uses artworks for AI-driven decisions.


Gallery, Grid, Map, Calendar & Kanban views

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Make Field Team Super Efficient

Multiply workforce productivity by tracking time spent at locations and automate workflows so they can focus uninterrupted on the job at hand. Supervisors get
answers they need without interrupting workers.

Command center

Know where your team is and what task they are doing.

Assign Task, TracK Status

Assign tasks to the field person on the go.

Communicate - Chat

Collaborate with your field team using chat and visual reference.

Route Planning

Plan the best route from the list of task that needs to be done.

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Work With Pictures Smartly

Pictures & Videos are critical data. With TrueVisual app field team capture structured, controlled and tamperproof visual proofs.


Self-register process gets app user sign up themselves

Tamperproof Visuals

Capture visuals with GPS and server-based time stamps.

Annotation & Measurements

Mark dimensions and annotation on pictures.

Define Visual Proofs

Control Visual Proof structure with visual types, steps, alerts, tags, notes & custom fields

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Work Flow & Automation

Automate managing of visual proofs and campaign data. Spend more time managing the execution and not organizing the data.


Asset workflow defines stages like recee, installation, quality check & maintenance.


Configure automation rules, event triggers, and notifications.


Capture clients' approval & feedback.

AI-Assisted Supervising

Decision engine to intelligently assist the campaign supervising.

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Client Dashboard & Live Reporting

A well-crafted dashboard will go a long way in delighting the client and delivering the promises.


Sharable link for the dashboard and reporting tool for the client.

Customized Dashboard

Customized with different widgets and visual info-graphics

Download formats

The data can be downloaded in Excel, PDF, Presentation or zip formats


Control what data is visible and actions allowed.

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Invoicing & Payment

Clients demand data in a specific format for the purpose of invoicing and billing. Use our various tools to generate required documents in seconds.


Design reporting template as required in any format.

TrueVisual Certificate

Generate TrueVisual certificate, the standard proof of execution document

Transfer Data

Easily send data to other TrueVisual accounts.

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AI Decision Engines

Use the various AI & Computer Vision algorithms to automate decision making, supervising and quality check.

creative and EXECUTION

Identify the execution area in the image using the artwork.


Convert any readable text in the image into text.

Visual Comparison

Compare the previous and current images to identify changes.

Identify objects & faces

Detect objects and faces, configured to identify campaign specific requirements.

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