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Trustable Visual Proofs For Anything

Is your organization using pictures and videos as proof for a task, an activity or a process? TrueVisual Platform makes capturing & sharing visual proofs tamper-proof, reliable and authentic.

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True Visuals Tell True Stories

TrueVisual app allows user to captures original photos and videos with tamper-proof time and location markers. Visuals captured are encrypted and cannot be edited in any way except for allowed filters. It is not possible to use stored gallery images or photoshoped images.

This way, the sender can share Visual Proofs confidently and the receiver can rely and trust the Visual Proof.

Engineered to Capture Visual Truth

Capture Visuals Proofs with Essential Parameters

Where : Location Marker
Algorithm for capturing GPS location as precise as possible

When: Time Marker
Server time stamped for accurate visual capture date & time

Who: Person Marker
Know the user capturing the visual proof

What: Asset-Action Marker
Captures the thing / purpose of the visual

TrueVisual_Proof Capturing Technology

Once Captured, Cannot be Altered

Synced Real Time
Captured proofs have to be uploaded within configured time, after which they expire and cannot be uploaded.

Prevent manipulation of pictures & videos
Captured images are protected with encryption and stored with the individual image fingerprint

Image Authenticity Checking Algorithm
Algorithm to double check if any manipulation or issue detected in the image authenticity.

Data On Server is Immutable and Cryptographically Verifiable
Visual Proof data stored on block chain based database, making it impossible to edit data.

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Real-time viewing of proofs in view of your choice

See proofs as they get uploaded in grid, map, gallery or timeline view.

Organise Proofs using Boards & Tags

Use boards to group visual proofs and tags to organize & label your proofs as per your requirement.

Simple User Management , Organise them into groups.

Super easy to on-board app users using self signup. For web-app its simple to add user and manage access levels.

Send request to users to capture Visual Proofs

Send a request to a specific app user to capture visual proofs using web application and track the status.

Share- Proofs and Customised Views

Shared links enable you to quickly copy and share hyperlinks to view single proof or group of proofs with anyone over email, whatsapp or any medium.

Send Visual Proofs to Other Accounts

All images are stored in a centralised individual private account and can be sent seamlessly to other accounts on the platform.

Integrate with tools you use

Our custom API allows you to connect the proof data to tools and solution you already use.

Export your data

Export your entire data easily for backup and other purpose.

TrueVisual App Features

-Simple to use app for the end user.
-Quick signup & login with OTP.
-Supports multiple language.
-Integrated guide on taking specific visual.

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Industries Using TrueVisual

Used for different application like Reporting, Monitoring , Tracking, Auditing and Verifying in industries

Out of Home Advertising

Point Of Purchase Advertising

Retail Advertising

Rural Marketing

Insurance & Fin-tech